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Choosing the relevant drivers for your experiment is vital. The decision making tool can help. Remember that the most relevant drivers for your experiment may not be here!

The utility of single driver pilot studies

In many cases, it is important to emphasise that some simpler single driver experiments should be conducted first to provide background information that will help to design a more insightful multiple driver
experiment. Such pilot studies will help to assess and plan for the logistical challenges of running more complex (multi-driver) experiments. Preliminary studies also likely result in clearer interpretation of the observed effects (e.g. interactions between drivers that are non-linear) in more complex experiments.

In most cases it is best to commence with a series of single driver experiments to get a handle on the characteristics of each of the drivers within MEDDLE. This mimics running pilot or preliminary studies which can greatly assist with the step up in logistical, conceptual and analytical skills needed to run multiple driver experiments.