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Choosing the relevant drivers for your experiment is vital. The decision making tool can help. Remember that the most relevant drivers for your experiment may not be here!


A, Photosynthesis versus irradiance curve under PAR (white circles) and PAR + UVR (black circles) conditions; dotted lines represent 95% confident limit. The mean irradiances (PAR, UV-A, and UV-B) during the incubations (August 6 and 8, 2005) were 321, 50.5, and 2.1 W m−2, respectively. B, Vertical distribution of estimated daily photosynthetic production on a sunny day (black symbols; July 5, 2006) and a cloudy (white symbols; August 13, 2006) day. The doses (and mean irradiances) of PAR for these days were 14 (280 W m−2) and 0.9 MJ m−2 (19.6 W m−2), respectively. Note that even on the sunny day without cloud coverage, UVR enhanced production (shaded areas) is larger than the UVR-related reduction (open area enclosed by the lines).

Gao, K. et al. 2007. Solar UV Radiation drives CO2 Fixation in Marine Phytoplankton: A Double-Edged Sword. Plant Physiology 144(1):54-59.