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Choosing the relevant drivers for your experiment is vital. The decision making tool can help. Remember that the most relevant drivers for your experiment may not be here!


CO2 functional response curves showing specific growth rates (and fitted curves) across a range of CO2 concentrations from ∼ 100 to ∼ 1730 ppm at 2 and at 8 ◦C. Pseudo-nitzschia subcurvata at 2 ◦C (a)  and Phaeocystis antarctica at 2 (c) . Values represent the means and error bars represents the standard deviations of triplicate samples


Zhu, Zhi, et al. 2017. Individual and interactive effects of warming and CO2 on Pseudo-nitzschia subcurvata and Phaeocystis antarctica, two dominant phytoplankton from the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Biogeosciences 14(23): 5281-5295.