Multiple driver experimental design

This five-step guide will help you identify relevant drivers and design your experiment.


Design Your Experiment

Identifying the influences of ocean change on local and global scales is a complex task. However, a carefully designed experiment can help you contribute information needed for the development of science-based policy.

Before you start the steps below to design a meaningful experiment, we suggest you read Experimental strategies to study multiple drivers – a review and the MEDDLE Handbook

Once you’ve read the review, use MEDDLE’s 5-step guide (downloadable word template) to design and carry out multiple driver ocean change experiments. Each step of the guide takes you through a different stage of the planning process:

  • Step 1: define the research question
  • Step 2: identify biological traits
  • Step 3: after watching the developing a driver inventory video, identify relevant local and global drivers
  • Step 4: after watching the experimental design and data analysis videos, develop an experimental design and analysis plan
  • Step 5: identify the necessary resources to carry out your experiment.

As you work through these steps, you may find it useful to explore MEDDLE’s additional resources, where you will find introductory material about single and multiple drivers and video tutorials.

Once you complete the 5-step guide, move on to the meddle simulator to run virtual experiments that mimic typical responses of marine organisms to multiple drivers.