A guide to running best practice experiments in ocean research


From ocean warming, to deoxygenation and ocean acidification, marine ecosystems are being altered by human activities. However, designing and carrying out experiments that can be used to identify the impacts of these changes is challenging.

What is

To support the efforts of researchers participating in ocean change experiments, a range of experimental design resources – known as MEDDLE – were developed. The MEDDLE guides, videos, and data simulator will help you design and carry out tractable and statistically meaningful multiple driver experiments.

How to use

Use the navigation bar above to start with the 5-part DESIGN YOUR EXPERIMENT guide. This guide will help you define your research question, identify the relevant drivers, and develop an experimental design and analysis plan. Next, move on to the MEDDLE SIMULATOR to run virtual experiments that mimic typical responses of marine organisms to multiple drivers. Each step of the way, you’ll find supporting information in ADDITIONAL RESOURCES.